Our wines are produced according to the highest standards of food safety. Each bottle of South African wine has a seal with a unique number.

It reflects the quality and sustainability of the grapes and the wine making process.

The seal is unique to South African wine and no other wine producing country can offer consumers peace of mind on this level.

This seal is a guarantee to the consumers that the wine has been approved of in terms of the following quality standards:

  • 100% of the grapes used in the wine making process comes from the area shown on the bottle;
  • The wine is bottled in South Africa;
  • There are controls to ensure that the environment is protected such as the cleaning of waste water.
  • At least 85% of the grapes are of the variety shown on the bottle;
  • The wine is used by using sustainable methods meaning producers are encouraged to introduce natural pest controlling methods rather than chemicals;
  • Health and safety of workers are ensured;
  • Wine farms are audited every three years and may only use the seal of quality if they are approved of by an independent auditor.

Consumers can find information on any South African wine by going to the following website: www.swsa.co.za and entering the number on the seal to see if the product is authentic or not.