Our company was founded in 2002 by the present owner Teuns Keuzenkamp. The purpose with the establishment of Govert Wines & Co Pty Ltd was to create a professional company that is market and client orientated.


What can we offer you? Well, first of all we can source white and red wine of any cultivar or blend from the major wine regions in South Africa.

When we have decided on the source and region, samples will be collected and presented.

The end product will get the seal of quality approval.


Our goal is to supply and produce fine wine and grape juice of outstanding character and quality to be enjoyed with any occasion.

Our vision is to develop our own range and that of our clients without compromising quality and service and therefore we choose to work with wineries who share this philosophy.


  • Govert Family Wines – Wines crafted to perfection from the gems in the vineyards.

  • Don Morris Range - Exceptional wines produced from the best quality grapes and winemaking skills.

  • Pegalle Range - A brand of exceptional wines and blends produced for the wine lover and connoisseur.


Unit GO8, Ground Floor
Titanium House
Gardner Williams Ave
7130 South Africa

Tel: +27 21 887 5812
Email: info@govertwines.com