About Us

Our company was founded in 2002 by the present owner Teuns Keuzenkamp. The purpose with the establishment of Govert Wines & Co Pty Ltd was to create a professional company that is market and client orientated.

To perform competitively we make sure that:

  • We can supply diversity in source of product
  • One-stop shopping (style)
  • Building of successful brands
  • Customer-orientated wine production

Excellence at all service levels: We are renowned for our international wine knowledge and have more than 15 years of international business experience. Through our partnership agreements with different wineries, we supply our client base with bulk wines, bottled wines as well as non alcoholic sparkling grape juice. We focus particularly on the premium segment of the market, as well as entry level wines.

Goal & vision

Our challenge is to develop and produce products to the client’s tastes and liking. When the wine matches your expectations, we then develop a label and packaging (buyers own brands (BOB’s) on your behalf, that will compliment the choice of wine. Our goal is to supply and produce fine wine and grape juice of outstanding character and quality to be enjoyed with any occasion. Our vision is to develop our own range and that of our clients without com-promising quality and service and therefore we choose to work with wineries who share this philosophy.


What can we offer you? Well, first of all we can source white and red wine of any cultivar or blend from the major wine regions in South Africa. When we have decided on the source and region, samples will be collected and presented. We produce the bottled products, from buying wine in bulk from our preferred partners , seeing that it is up to spec for bottling in either cork or stelvin and oversee all the logistic issues as well as the shipping of the wine to our clients.


The history of South Africa and the production of South African wine started together in the year 1652. The Dutch established a halfway station on the southern tip of South Africa to replenish their ships carrying goods from the Middle East and China on their way back to Europe.

The land was rich and fertile and soon drew settlers from Holland, France and Germany looking for opportunity and adventure. The French brought with them the secrets of wine making. They found in the beautiful Cape with its wonderful climate and soil, a paradise in which they continued their tradition of winemaking.

The Cape soon established itself as a major wine producing area of the world and it is known that prominent Europeans such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Oscar Wilde and Emily Bronte had a preference for wines from the Cape.

The Cape is known as the oldest new world wine producer. These age old secrets of making fine wine have been passed on by several generations of wine makers and today wine is still made in the Cape by the descendants of the first adventurous European settlers.

Our range is a selection of the finest wine styles of the Cape. Each wine in the range represents a unique characteristic of fine Cape wine. The range has been carefully selected to provide pleasure when tasting and has been selected by us to compliment different occasions for wine enjoyment. To add to the enjoyment of the wine, try the wine with different of food and share your experiences with friends and family.

Relax, take some time, enjoy the wine.